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Do you know what I worry about? Miscalculating my cycle and get my period on my wedding day.


Tell me Pink don’t look like Justin Bieber
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where do actresses learn to look beautiful when they cry?

It’s because when you’re on camera it picks up every little thing; movements, noises, shadows etc. The slightest twitch in your eye on a close up shot can cause the scene or emotion you’re meant to be portraying to change. So that’s why, when good actress/actors cry on camera it can appear so pretty.

They are literally trying to keep within shot, making sure the camera can pick up what it’s supposed to and what it’s not. It’s all actually very technical and that’s why some actress/actors do it better than others, because of the training they’ve received.

It’s all about showing the break down with composure so it will translate on camera. Acting for camera is amazingly technical and difficult all at once. 

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